DREAM CITY is an ongoing collaborative project with Devin Babineau and Fern Long that explores the interconnections between humans, cities and environmental change. We work with repurposed industrial materials to construct abstracted forms inspired by architecture and urban spaces. The result a playful investigation of how humanity will need all of its incredible powers of ingenuity to respond to a rapidly changing world. Dream City imagines how we will reinvent ourselves.

We are ourselves structures in flux, in our bodies and in our external environment, yet exist almost completely in denial of this basic tenant. Humanity has altered the planet to such a degree that it may become uninhabitable. How do we respond to this rapidly changing reality? Dream City imagines using the abundance of materials currently considered as 'throw-aways' to carve out a new existence.

The first Dream City installation was shown at Xchanges Gallery, Victoria, in November 2020. A second iteration will be installed in two private front yards in Victoria for the 2021 Terrain Biennale. We are also working on a series of drawings for an artist book.